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Ground Penetrating Radar used to test concrete structures - SureScan Brisbane

Ground Penetrating Radar

The Proceq GP8000 scanning technology is essential for locating defects, conduits, voids, or post-tension cables within concrete structures to assess integrity and prevent costly damages. It differentiates layers, sizes, and types of objects, providing superior depth and clarity of data thanks to its unique radar technology with multiple radar frequencies. Immediate insights can be obtained through 3D visualisation, showing the shape and size of detected objects and where to precisely locate them.

Cover Meter

The Profometer PM8000 Cover Meter is a scanning technology used to precisely measure the depth from the surface of a concrete structure to the top of the embedded reinforcing steel, ensuring the longevity of concrete structures. Cover depth is a crucial value for the long-term health and durability of structures, as small cover deficits can significantly reduce the service life of a structure.

Profometer Cover Meter used in structural integrity testing - SureScan Brisbane
Pile Integrity and Impact Echo Test System - SureScan Brisbane

Pile Integrity & Impact Echo

The Pundit PI8000 is a combined Sonic Echo pile integrity and impact echo test system. Pile integrity tests are used to confirm new piles are free of voiding and defects, and the test is also commonly used to assess the length of unknown piles.

Impact echo testing is used to test the thickness of concrete plates like walls and floor slabs, and to detect voiding, delamination and defects in concrete.

Real-time data collection is made possible with a wireless probe, enabling instant and secure collaboration with colleagues.

Schmidt Hammer

The Schmidt hammer, also known as a rebound hammer or concrete hammer test, is a widely used device for non-destructive estimation of concrete strength properties. The hammer measures the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock, with a focus on surface hardness and penetration resistance.

Schmidt Hammer used in Non Destructive Testing - SureScan Brisbane

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