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Concrete Compaction Issue

Success in Two Weeks

Identifying and Addressing a Concrete Compaction Issue

Defective concrete structure identified by SureScan structural integrity engineers in Brisbane.
A rolling structural integrity testing device attached to a pole scans a concrete structure.


The scope of the project was the identification and rectification of a failed concrete pour. SureScan was approached to provide accurate scanning and data representation of the defect, allowing for effective resolution.

Our Approach

Our team was able to be on site with the scanning equipment within 24 hours. We conducted 2 days of extensive on-site scanning using the latest GPR (ground penetrating radar) technology in a grid formation to identify the extent of the defect. We were then able to generate the findings report within 1 day.


The report revealed that poor concrete compaction during installation had resulted in extensive honeycombing and blockage, leading to perpetual voids and cavities. To rectify the issue, the client needed to mechanically remove the honeycombing, voids, and cavities, restoring the concrete back to a sound condition. Liquified grout was then utilised in the defect zone to comply with the final design. By leveraging our SureScan services, the client was able to avoid the need for full hydro demolition and isolate the repair efforts to the scanned area, saving time, money, and preventing unnecessary disruptions.

Client Testimonial

SureScan was easy to deal with, fast turnaround and professional attitude.

We approached SureScan after a large defect was found in one of our bridge abutments. Rectification was time critical as the structure was an integral part of our project program. The guys at SureScan know the civil infrastructure space well and the strict requirements to work onsite. Quick mobilisation meant we had a report to work with in less than a week and we could move on with the recommended rectification method/materials. I would recommend SureScan’s services for any concrete defects – small to large projects

Tom Pentland

Senior Project Manager, D&C Engineering Support Pty Ltd

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