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Assessment of Concrete Slab

Service Location for Drainage Excavation through Concrete

SureScan structural engineer scanning a concrete slab to pinpoint utilities and reinforcement.
SureScan structural engineer assessing a concrete slab to locate utilities and reinforcement.


SureScan was called to a winery in McLaren Vale to conduct a comprehensive scan of a designated 3 x 6 metre area. The primary focus was to verify the presence of utilities and pinpoint the location of reinforcement within the concrete slab.

Our Approach

Our team was able to be on site with the GPR scanning equipment within 24 hours. The GPR was able to provide immediate insights obtained through 3D visualisation, enabling the client to extend the existing drainage network from the nominated connection point. 


Upon completion of the scanning process, SureScan successfully confirmed essential details crucial to Viticol’s infrastructure management. The investigation revealed that the concrete slab measured between 180mm to 200mm in thickness and the reinforcement was located at predictable intervals. Furthermore, no utilities were found to intersect the trench and no irregularities in the subgrade beneath the slab, affirming its suitability for location of new drainage network.

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